Where Did Monday Go? (5 Ways to Boost My Energy)

Seriously, where did Monday go? I think I napped half of it away.  And Tuesday is already halfway over and I haven’t taken a nap yet, but I really want to… I am trying to get in 5,000 steps today though and I’m only at 3,000.   (I need my Limu BluFrog2 Energy drink – https://positivelydebbie.thelimucompany.com) I really need to go walk around my neighborhood, but I’m just tired. I feel energy depleted. I can now understand why my Grandma took a little nap, every afternoon for about 45 minutes. She would set her alarm and shut her door and woe! to anyone who disturbed her afternoon siesta time.

OMG!!! I am turning into my Grandma!! I need that little afternoon cat nap. Some of my friends are struggling with not being able to sleep and I am the exact opposite. I need the toothpicks under my eyes – beginning about 11 am and onward through the day.

So… I have been asking myself – how can I boost my energy? I think, I have thought of 5 ways that might help.

1.  Plan ahead and Be Prepared – This is something, I really need to be aware of and pay attention to.  I can become like a chicken with my head cut off if I don’t plan ahead and prepare – for everything.  Meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, balancing my time between gym, home and business, getting bills paid on time, remembering birthdays and important events, even setting out my clothes to wear the night before. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off – makes me very tired, frustrated and extremely overwhelmed.

Lately, to help me – I have been using The Panda Planner, which I am finding to be extremely useful. I also like using Megan Elizabeth’s Daily 3’s plan. 

              You can find more information about either of these at:




2.   Have Fun – What’s that saying? All work and no play – makes Positively Debbie, sleepy all day. I really need to learn to take time out of going to the gym, crafting, working Booth #78 at Willowstone, cleaning house and running errands to just go do something fun. I am still deciding on what fun is… I do like to hike, walk my Great Dane, take her to the dog park, go eat lunch with a friend and go for a walk afterwards, go shopping and go see an occasional movie at the movie theater. What do you do for fun?

3. Feel Peace – Calgon got it so right when they said – take me away… sometimes to give myself that extra boost of energy – I just need to totally relax and feel at peace. Sitting on my back deck with a soft breeze blowing and watching the sun set, or settling into a hot bath with a bath bomb or a hydrating seaweed bath packet and BabyGanics bubble bath is just the thing I need to manage stress and anxiety and to put me in a better frame of mind.

I have been using this bath product a lot lately. I buy it at Target and it feels so soothing to achy, tired muscles after a hard workout or a long walk.

I don’t know about you – but when I seaweed – I take a bath in it.

seaweed bath

4. Finding Solutions – Making myself get all worked up over a problem will wear me down faster than anything and zap all my energy from me in just a matter of seconds. I need to stop and think before I get all anxious – like the other day, when I found baby mice in my garage – I should not have panicked but kept calm and figured out a solution. I eventually figured out a solution but not without the panic attack.

Also, if there is a project that needs to be completed, I need to write down all the steps needed to finish that project.


Tell me – you wouldn’t have panicked too?


5) Love and Forgive –  Sometimes – the hardest thing to do is forgiving a person – but holding anger against someone can drain me of everything I’ve got. I really need to remember to build true, strong and lasting relationships. I need to keep my family a priority – because after all, they will be the ones taking care of me in my old age.

Well… I have a 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge to win and hopefully, by practicing these 5 ways to boost my energy – I will have a fighting chance.

What are some ways you find helpful to boost your energy?

Thanks for reading.

I’ll remain –

Positively, Debbie






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