Dtox and Clean Eating – Day 1 – I Cleaned the Fridge..

I am back on the Dtox… (A nutritional supplemental program that Lifetime Fitness sells). https://dtox.lifetime-weightloss

Basically, during the Dtox (about 4 weeks) – I avoid gluten, cow dairy, eggs, caffeine, peanut butter, sugar, alcohol, and starchy foods. I do one smoothie a day with their Lifetime Dtox protein mix. There is a fiber blend – but it hurts my tummy, so, I just use flax seed or chia seed.

Mostly, I am sensitive to gluten, cow dairy and eggs – the Dtox is just a good way to help me form a good, healthy habit to stay away from sugar and starchy foods – which are my downfall. : (  I am very addicted to sugar…

The first week is a prep week – I began by cleaning out my fridge and getting all my fruits and veggies cut up.  A big undertaking – cuz usually, I just throw everything in the fridge and hope I remember what I have. Cutting everything up and organizing everything in the fridge has been a big help to see what I have and it is a lot easier to put together a salad or grab some leftovers to eat for another meal.

I am sharing my Cleaning Out the Fridge as Day One of the Dtox… hopefully, by sharing this, I will hold myself accountable… I am very good at starting the Dtox and not finishing….. This time I want it to be different… I want to see it through to the end. I need to…. my thyroid is at high levels.

so…. here we go again! Off to a good beginning. Tomorrow, I will talk about meal planning.

And I am going to try, try, try to create something everyday and post the video here. Try is the key word… I always say that I am going to create something every day and then I never do. Time gets in the way. Well – lets see how things go… I’ll try to post most every day. How’s that? But…starting tomorrow- Dtox is making my head hurt…




Proud of myself for getting the fridge cleaned out and organized….

Til tomorrow

Positively, Debbie








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