Emotional Eating Day 2 – Comfort Food and Life

I came across an article, in one of my fitness magazines, that gave this statistic:

“Nearly one in five Americans has been diagnosed with anxiety…and the average American diet promotes anxiety. The processed foods that we say are our comfort creates “biochemical conditions that weaken emotional resilience and spur anxiety.”

Maybe that’s why I feel so guilty the day after Halloween and I’ve raided the candy for all the Reeses Eyeballs and Pumpkins.

The article stated that – “maintaining a healthy brain and gut is vital to keeping anxiety at bay.” Anxiety symptoms include: restlessness, muscle tightness, tension, irritability, sleeping issues and intense fear and panic. I can honestly say that when I am eating a highly processed diet, I can get all of the above symptoms. Panic attacks are the worse.

Can I be honest here? I had a bad day. I found out that my primary care doctor lost my prescription to physical therapy and didn’t get my referral submitted to my insurance company. Needless to say,  I had to cancel my physical therapy appointment for tomorrow. After going through ankle surgery, 4 weeks in a cast and on crutches, 4 weeks in a boot, I was kinda really looking forward to starting physical therapy. My ankle hurts. I want to start running again!!! It didn’t start my day out on the right foot!!! (HA!)

So… I skipped breakfast! (Skipping meals can be emotional eating, too). Then I got really, really tired (exhausted feeling) at the gym and didn’t have a very good workout. (My trainer wanted me to do 5 miles on the bike and I only did 1.5 and said – enough). Then, I went to Chick Fil-A and had a chocolate milkshake. Milkshakes are probably my number one comfort food. Which maybe okay for some people…but I have a sensitivity to dairy and I will pay for it. (I told myself it was OK because I needed the energy)…. not really!!!! But hey – it felt good…even though I knew it was not what I really wanted.

emotional exerciser

What did I really want? Seriously, I don’t know… it’s hard sometimes to pinpoint what I need in place of emotional eating. A friend to vent to? A nice, much needed, long nap. A husband to be home to help out with the stress of getting everything unpacked? All of the above?

I did come home and take a nap but it was a restless nap, the dogs kept waking me up.

What is it I really want from life? I guess it’s to feel balanced – to know that I have my priorities straight. At my 100th birthday party, I want to feel good about how I spent my time. Not feeling so anxious, that I get all frazzled and tired. Not giving into the foods I know I shouldn’t eat – which put me in a negative mood.  (And I’m not saying never – ever eat unhealthy food. Shoot! If I live til I’m 100, I’m eating a huge piece of cake on my birthday – gluten free – but hey!!)

Here are some resources that I want to check out:

Untuck: Your Guide to the Seven Stage Journey Out of Depression by: James Gordon MD

The Chemistry of Calm by: Henry Emmons MD

and the article I quoted from can be found in the Experience Life magazine – November 2017 issue

Okay!!! The Great Dane just got into the trash and ate chicken bones. Grrrrrrrr!!!! But I made me a protein and amino acid drink – and I didn’t get into the Reeses. I do want to live until I am over 100!!

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