Writing the 2nd Chapter or 6 Months to Lose 60 Pounds

Monday motivation time!! I don’t know if very many people know but after going almost 10 years to the same gym, I quit my membership there. I also stopped working with a fitness trainer. It took a lot of reflection and it was hard to do… but after what we’ve been through this year so far – it was time.

So now… I am on my own and let me tell you, motivating myself to get up and move has not been easy. I don’t think it’s depression, maybe more of an oppression. The feeling of not wanting to get out of the house because a stupid virus might catch us. The media has people so scared that when you do go out you can feel it exuding off of people. All you have to do is look in their eyes. Eyes are the window to the soul and at least the government hasn’t made us cover our eyes.

Anyways… I kind of knew it was time to break free of the corporate gym, when all the gyms were shut down. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the gym, I went to. I lost 115 pounds there. There were some very good trainers who instilled in me the love of being healthy and fit. I made a lot of life long friends there. But when Corona hit, and we had to stay shut down, I knew that soon, I would be working on my own. I even quit my trainer, who had turned her garage into a little fitness studio. (I do miss her. She held me accountable)

Since I gained a lot of Covid quarantine pounds from throwing caution to the wind and ordering from Door Dash a lot in the past six months, I am restarting nutrition. We are cooking at home more and I am being more mindful of what I am eating. I really need to go back to being gluten free and dairy free, but I am not going to make myself feel deprived this time. I will do it because, I know it makes me feel better.

I still feel like my body is in rest mode. I worked out, practically every day for 10 years. My body feels tired and in need of rest. So, I am mostly going to concentrate on just getting out and walking. Just walking. That’s it. Nothing more. Enjoy nature.

Plus, David is home now and I don’t have to walk by myself anymore.

My nutrition plan has officially started – today. So far for breakfast, I had two scrambled eggs and some diced ham and a bowl of healthy cereal with unsweetened almond milk. Basically, the same thing I did before, when I lost 115 pounds the first time. If I am consistent with my nutrition – then I should lose about 60 lbs. in six months. Then, I can start on maintenance.

I am beginning the 2nd chapter. I think I already wrote a blog about writing the 2nd chapter… but it’s not enough to just write about, you have to go live the 2nd chapter. Viruses will come and go. Governments will rise and fall. Life will always throw us curve balls. I don’t have to shut down being healthy and fit, just because a government shuts everything else down.

Time to get back up. Rise up from the ashes. Pull up my boot straps. The outline is finished. I am ready to begin the 2nd chapter.

Won’t you join me in writing your 2nd chapter? What would your second chapter be about?

Let’s do it!

Positively, Debbie

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